Journey of Taste

Great blessings for you from the treasures inside.

Dear beloved friends!

You are on a journey to discover Vietnam - a very exciting place. There are so many ways to travel around the country, but today let us guide you to truly experience the Southern land through a brand new journey called:

“The Journey of Taste”.

On the journey to search for Vietnamese flavors, let us bring you through various regions across the S shaped land, through the essence of traditional products, and let each sense of taste carry you around the beautiful and hospitable Vietnam. These are cups of coffee giving a taste about red soil of the Highlands region, or a cup of green tea from the primitively mountainous region, or feel the elegance of Trang An whilst savoring some traditional dried apricot.

More than a gift for our dearest friends, let “The Journey of Taste” bring you to experience numerous flavors of Vietnam: begin with the spicy taste of cinnamon; slightly sour and tender bitterness of coffee; the salty taste of roasted cashew nuts or feeling the sweetness of earth through each chocolate bar; to the struggling story of local farmers, from the great pains to achieve sweet perfection.

Fairtrade Garden brings the Journey of Taste for all our friends around the world to experience the true taste of Vietnam in attractive packaging perfect for sharing with friends and family members.

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